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Ask an Organizer: Florian from Rennes, France

By Nisha Gulati January 17, 2013

This week, we spoke with Florian who has been leading campaigns throughout France since 2010. This past fall marked his 10th Carrotmob! 

Q: What’s your favorite part of a campaign? 
A: During the magic day - the teams are excited! It’s fascinating to see the enthusiasm of the mobbers. 

Q: Why do you Carrotmob? 
A: I Carrotmob because in the wise words of French author Georges Bernanos ”The future is something we overcome. We are not subjected to it, we make it.’’ I am optimistic but realistic. I think it is a civic duty to advocate for a change of mentality towards environmental issues.

Q: Plans for 2013? 
A: We plan to hold another Carrotmob in Rennes in January. Others are being developed Grenoble, Paris, and Nantes! Stay tuned…

Wondering what he’s putting in his pocket in the photo? It’s a hand-knit carrot made by his mom who created 300 of them for a Carrotmob!


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