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Carrotmob to help Mercury Cafe build a parklet!

By Carrotmob April 7, 2013

Six weeks ago we asked you to put us to work. SF Carrotmobber Kristen Berman did just that. Kristen contacted a local business, made an agreement with the owner, and set up a campaign.

Now it's time for the rest of us to step up and help the campaign hit its goals. Buy a $15 voucher to support Hayes Valley's Mercury Cafe. Here's a special message from Kristen:

Hey Carrotmobbers!

Imagine sitting outside on a sunny Saturday afternoon, wind blowing in hair, sipping a Costa Rican coffee and enjoying a delightful avocado sandwich. #perfectday.  

Nick, owner of Mercury Cafe in Hayes Valley, is raising money for a parklet to make this dream come true. A parklet is a beautiful green community gathering area for people to sit, read, and make friends.

I am a regular at Mercury Cafe. Myself and the Hayes Valley community (and maybe you?) don't want to spend another Saturday any other way.

However Nick has only raised $6,000 of the anticipated $8,000 cost for the parklet. We're close to the goal, but need your help to avoid missing out on the opportunity to create this space.

Mercury Cafe will dedicate 15% of every dollar spent with Carrotmob to the parklet. So buy a Carrotmob voucher to Mercury Cafe and we'll sit at the parklet together one afternoon.

Let's return to Jack Kerouac. Let's gossip on the meaning of life, watch dogs that look like their owners, debate art and nibble on homemade pies and scones while we sip on single-origin drip coffee. Let's create a community.  

So now the question is just: Who do you want to invite? Buy a voucher and join me for an optional Carrotmob Happy Hour at Mercury Cafe next Saturday, April 13th from 3pm-6pm.


See you next Saturday,


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