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Everyone Loves a Do-Gouda!

By Brent Schulkin January 31, 2013

Here’s the latest experiment from our lab: WHAT IF we could remake cities to be more bike-friendly by convincing businesses to offer up their space for bike parking? We’ve found a business that is open to this!

If we support Mission Cheese, they will use the money to apply for permits, install, and maintain new bicycle parking on Valencia Street! 
Plus they’ll use any remaining Carrotmob funds to install new water-saving devices making sure that not a drop of Hetch Hetchy’s finest goes to waste. 

Mission Cheese will install bike parking

Will this work? Depends on if you like cheese: https://carrotmob.org/missioncheese

Hark, cyclists! Do you hear the call of the cheese? IT BECKONS. All those who care about urban density, climate change, public health and a strong bike culture are suddenly, at this moment, UTTERLY OVERCOME with a desire to buy vouchers to Mission Cheese. Huzzah!

And what’s more, we’re having an optional bike party mob! If you want to meet and hang out with other mobbers, we’re going to ride our bikes to Mission Cheese at 11:05am on Sunday, Feb 10. They’re creating a special Mission Cheese tote bag filled with a selection of artisan cheeses and crackers for each of us - perfect for a picnic! We’ll head to Dolores Park and celebrate. RSVP on Facebook to join!


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